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Urgent Care Medicine Certification Application

Please be certain to carefully read the entire Board of Certification Information listed below.

  • At the end of the application you will find a checklist detailing the items you need to attach to the application in order for your application to be considered complete. Please review the materials you are submitting against this checklist.
  • The only fee you need to submit at this time is the appropriate application fee, see fee schedule. Do NOT submit your examination fee at this time, as it will be returned to you.
  • To ensure the secure delivery of your application, supporting documents, and receive acknowledgment that it has been delivered to the ABPS, we highly recommend that you send these materials using Receipt Return Requested, or one of the overnight carriers that utilize a tracking system.
  • The Board will not review incomplete applications, therefore, submission of an incomplete application may delay the Board’s acceptance of your application in time for you to take the exam on the date you desire.
  • All applicants have a period of one (1) year from the date of submission to complete their application.  If after one year, your application is incomplete, or the additional documentation requested by ABPS staff or the board has not been received, your application will become invalid.  To continue to pursue certification, you will need to submit a new application and application fee and meet the certification eligibility requirements in effect at the time that the subsequent application is received by ABPS.

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For a hard copy, please contact us.

Case Report Requirements

The case reports must be no older than twelve (12) months from the date the candidate’s application for certification is received by ABPS. Case reports shall only include information on the care and services provided by the applicant. At the point where a patient’s care is transferred to another physician or facility, the applicant’s case presentation is complete.

The Board in general looks for cases that show the application of accepted/standard medical practice in the management of the patient, resulting in an excellent outcome. The Board is not looking for controversial or unusual case management, even if the physician can justify his or her actions. One purpose of Board certification is to demonstrate knowledge/application of practices acceptable in Urgent Care Departments across the United States and Canada.

Content Requirements
All applicants are required to choose five areas, from the following ten (Infectious disease; Pediatrics; Orthopedics; Pulmonary disease; Gastrointestinal disease; Cardiovascular disease; Ear/nose/throat disease; Wound care; Obstetrical/gynecological disorder; Evaluation, stabilization, and transfer of a critically-ill patient from the clinic to a higher level of care), on which to submit cases. The remaining five cases may document any other area of practice that the applicant chooses.

Format Requirements
The applicant must submit two separately compiled copies of ten (10) case reports in the following format:

  1. Case reports must be typewritten. Photocopies of typewritten case reports are acceptable.
  2. Case reports must be double spaced on 8.5″ x 11″ white paper.
  3. Case reports must be compiled in a hard, report style binder, or a three-ring binder (no sheet protectors, staples, or paper clips).
  4. The applicant must sign each case report.
  5. An index shall be placed at the front of reports indicating the type of case (diagnosis) and the page number on which the case can be found.
  6. Confirmation of validity of the reports by hospital administrator, medical records director, or whoever performs such duties at the facility. This must be on official letterhead verifying that you were the physician treating the patient in each case on the date stated. If the applicant’s cases reflect work at more than one institution, then separate letters must be submitted verifying the cases from each institution. This validation must be notarized and signed. (Refer to sample index/verification form.)
  7. Case reports should contain the following information:
    For patient no. list the same number as the case number (Refer to verification form.)

A.    Date of Urgent Care treatment

B.    Chief complaint

C.    History

D.    Physical examination and results of the Urgent Care work-up, including any tests

E.    Urgent Care course and final disposition including condition of patient at the time of completion of your care of the patient, as well as final diagnosis

F.     Each case must include discussion of the case, demonstrating to the Credentials Committee what the thought process was in the evaluation of the patient, diagnostic and treatment approach, and indication that the candidate understood the pathophysiology of the patient’s problem, and some rationale to explain the patient’s final disposition. This is the most important section of the case report and will be reviewed closely.

The BCUCM Credentials Committee reserves the right to seek additional details for any case it deems necessary. Board certified practicing Urgent Care Physicians carefully scrutinize these cases. Every attempt at accuracy and clarity should be made. Please note that case reports are not copies of dictated Urgent Care summaries from the chart, but are specifically prepared documents for the application packet.  Case reports not adhering to the above mentioned format will be rejected.