What are the Benefits of Being a Fellow of an AAEP Recognized Program?

In addition to sharpening a physician’s skills by providing supervised training from experienced emergency medicine practitioners, a program recognized by the American Academy of Emergency Physicians (AAEP) makes fellows eligible to become board certified in the specialty.

Recognized Fellowships Help Meet Demand for Board-Certified EM Physicians

Fellowships recognized by the AAEP meet the rigorous eligibility standards for board certification developed by the Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM) through the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS). The BCEM thereby offers an opportunity for primary care trained physicians who practice emergency medicine to earn certification in the specialty. In doing so, the BCEM effectively helps the healthcare system meet the demand for board-certified EM physicians.

Emergency Medicine Board Certification is the Next Step for EM Fellows

If you are a graduate fellow of a training program recognized by the AAEP, we invite you to apply for certification with the BCEM. Click here to learn why BCEM certification is a smart career investment.

Leonard Lamsen, MD | Past Fellow
"The American Academy of Emergency Physicians requires a structured educational program with qualified faculty and resources. This kind of fellowship training allowed me to begin my career as an emergency physician more confident with a broad skillset to be effective in both rural and non-rural practice environments."

When to Apply

February 1st is the application deadline to sit for the August written examination. Certification costs include $250 for the application, $900 for the computer-based written exam, and $1540 for the oral test. Fellows are eligible to apply to take the written exam while participating in their fellowship. The application is available online.

Prepare for the BCEM Exam

The BCEM offers a description of its exam to help candidates prepare. The information in the outline is meant to serve as a study guide for candidates and is not a guarantee of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a fellow of an AAEP recognized program means that you meet one of the eligibility requirements to apply to become board certified with the Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM).

You can apply for the exam anytime from the start of your fellowship until the final application deadline, which is February 1.

The application deadline is December 31st, and the late application deadline is January 1-February 1. All application deadlines and exam dates can be found here.

Application fee: For all deadlines, fellows of approved programs pay $350.

Written exam fee: $900.

Oral exam fee: $1,540.

You can apply anytime from the start of your fellowship until the final application deadline, so we advise applicants to start on them as soon as possible. For more information on the case reports, please click here.

  1. Go to www.abspus.org and choose “Emergency Medicine” from the “Board of Certifications” tab on the menu.
  2. On the left-hand side of the website you will see a navigation panel. Select “Application for Certification.”
  3. Carefully read the information given and then click “Click here to access the application link.”
  4. Fill out the prompted information and submit when finished to be directed to the online application.

Or click here to begin your application.

Please click here to view a document our Certification Department created on how to prepare for your BCEM oral exam.