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Diagnostic Radiology Recertification


Requirements for Recertification

  1. Submit a completed recertification application, along with payment of appropriate fee. Refer to the recertification fee schedule*.
  2. Submit documentation of CME hours: For the years since certified or last recertified submit a minimum of twenty (20) Category 1 CME per year. Over the eight-year certification period, the totals would be 160 CME in Diagnostic Radiology. The ABPS CME form must be used in compiling the CMEs, click here. Copies of an official printout or copies of certificates must be attached to the ABPS CME Form.  NOTE: Teaching hours may be used to help satisfy the CME requirement; however, the total teaching hours submitted may not be more than half the overall total CME required and a letter from the program director or official certificate verifying the number of hours claimed must also be submitted.
  3. Complete at least 50 questions of self-assessment CME each year, except in the final year of the recertification cycle. CMEs obtained from self-assessments may be used to meet the annual CME requirements specified in item 2.  The following resources are available for on-line CME and self-assessments:
    1. A list of CME/Self-Assessment Resources compiled by Dr. Bernard Sklar (Online Continuing Medical Education) is available at
    2. Another resource for On-Line self-assessments is NetCE at
    3. For Diagnostic Radiology the Board has also identified the following resources:
    • American College of Radiology –
    • Syllabi and Continuous Professional Development Programs Lippincott Williams and Wilkins –
    • Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology – Oakstone Medical Publishing – – Practical Reviews Radiology
  4. Complete 7.5 CME credits of AAPS-Approved Medical Ethics (Certificates expiring 2012 or later) – AAPS-approved courses include the AAPS-sponsored Medical Ethics course held in June in conjunction with the AAPS Scientific Meeting OR must contain term “Medical Ethics” in title, must be intended for physicians, and cannot be the same course taken multiple times to meet the 7.5 credit requirement. CME hours attained through the AAPS-sponsored Medical Ethics course may be applied to the required AAPS-sponsored CME.
  5. Complete 16 hours of AAPS-Sponsored CME (For certificates expiring 2016 or later) – Information regarding AAPS-Sponsored CME is available here
  6. Provide a copy of active medical license(s) with current expiration date.**
  7. Successfully pass a written examination in Diagnostic Radiology.

PDF IconDownload Board Recertification Application

ABPS will accept Diplomates certified by the Boards that are part of The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) or the Association Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists (AOABOS) as candidates for recertification with ABPS in any specialty in which ABPS currently certifies physicians. Click here for full details.

The Board recommends that all applicants keep a copy of all application materials sent to ABPS.

* NOTE: Recertification Application fee is non-refundable

** Must hold active and unrestricted license(s) to practice in the U.S. or Canada

Recertification Exam – What to Expect

Click here for Examination Description.

Examination Administration

Click Here for ABPS Examination Schedule Information.