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ABPS Board Certification Benefits Patients, Employers & Physicians

Board Certification BenefitsAt the American Board of Physician Specialties®, we recommend that qualified physicians consider pursuing board certification through one of our member boards as this distinction can greatly benefit patients, employers, and physicians alike:

  • Earning board certification is one of the highest honors that a physician can receive in their field of study. Make no mistake, the application process for becoming board certified is rigorous and requires the physician to have extensive training and expertise, while meeting numerous eligibility requirements. The personal satisfaction that comes from being board certified is immeasurable as it validates years of hard work and sacrifice. Plus, certification makes the physician more marketable to potential employers and may lead to increased earning potential.
  • While board certification is not a requirement to practice medicine, it is increasingly becoming prioritized by employers who are looking for ways to differentiate their medical centers apart from the competition. Many insurance providers are also beginning to offer incentives for hiring board certified physicians, further encouraging employers to hire physicians who are board certified.
  • Board certification benefits patients because it provides peace of mind that the physician they have chosen is highly qualified to provide care. In many cases, there are several specialists in a community to choose from, and while board certification should not be the only factor to consider when interviewing prospective physicians, it is a clear indicator of the physician’s experience and expertise.

Board certification is a recognized indicator of a physician’s mastery of their field of expertise, and at the ABPS, our Diplomates represent some of the very best medical minds in North America.

To learn more about the many ways in which board certification through the American Board of Physician Specialties benefits patients, employers, and physicians, contact us today. Physician Diplomates of ABMS or AOABOS Member Boards are also reminded that they are eligible to recertify with ABPS Member Boards. The ABPS is the official board certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc®.

Why Board Certification is Important

ABPS Physician CertificationWhile board certification remains a voluntary process for allopathic and osteopathic physicians to pursue, for all practical purposes, board certification has become exceedingly important in the healthcare field – and with good reason. As medical knowledge and technology continue to advance, physicians are increasingly narrowing their expertise in certain subspecialties of medicine. ABPS board certification has become part of the industry standard for allowing highly qualified, licensed physicians to demonstrate their experience and expertise in a given field.

In order to earn board certification from a credible body, the physician must meet a number of rigorous eligibility requirements. Make no mistake, this process is arduous and designed to ensure that only the very best in the specialty receive the prestigious designation. With that said, physicians who successfully earn board certification are able to clearly demonstrate to their employers and the public that they are leaders in the medical field. In some cases, board certification is mandatory for employment, and as the healthcare field becomes increasingly competitive, more and more medical staff placement agencies are prioritizing certification when developing hiring practices for their hospital groups. There are often insurance incentives for hiring board certified physicians as well, adding an additional financial component to the designation.

The same basic benefits hold true for the recertification process as with the initial certification. In order to recertify, the physician must demonstrate they have made a commitment to continued specialty specific medical education in order to stay at the top of their field. In other words, the certification and recertification process gets the most out of physicians, ensuring they continue to learn and stay abreast of advances in medicine.

On a personal level, board certification also provides a tremendous sense of accomplishment for the Diplomate, validating their mastery of their specialty. Many patients also know to look for board certification when researching physicians as well. There’s an immediate sense of public credibility that comes with the designation.

At the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS), we know how important board certification is and we’re proud to be the third largest physician multi-specialty certifying body in the United States. If you are interested in demonstrating your knowledge and experience in your medical specialty to yourself, your patients, and your employers, contact us today. The ABPS is the official board certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc®.