Higher Standards for Exceptional Medical Care

The American Board of Physician Specialties® offers physician board certification that meets the public’s evolving healthcare needs and helps physicians achieve career success.

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For Patients
Patients can receive complete assurance that ABPS physicians have the knowledge and skills to provide outstanding medical care.
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For Credentialers
Hospitals and other employers can verify a physician’s credentials and identify practitioners as ideal candidates for career opportunities.
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Our Brochure
With the ABPS, qualified physicians have a recognized choice for board certification and re-certification in several medical specialties.
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What Is ABPS?

The American Board of Physician Specialties is a nationally recognized multi-specialty certifying body that offers both allopathic and osteopathic physicians certification in a range of specialties. While certification is a voluntary process, its achievement represents an abiding commitment to patient care and is one of the highest honors that physicians can receive. We certified our first physician in 1960, and our Diplomates can now be found across all 50 states, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

Administrative Medicine
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Diagnostic Radiology
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Disaster Medicine
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Emergency Medicine
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Family Medicine
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Family Medicine Obstetrics
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General Surgery
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Geriatric Medicine
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Hospital Medicine
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Integrative Medicine
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Internal Medicine
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Obstetrics & Gynecology
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Orthopedic Surgery
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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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Radiation Oncology
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Urgent Care Medicine
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Why Choose ABPS?
Validate Your Expertise

Board certification with the ABPS serves as demonstrable proof that a physician has the skills and knowledge to deliver world-class medical care. Our eligibility requirements are stringent and our certification process is notably rigorous, but once certified, physicians become part of a respected organization dedicated to patient care above all else. Our Diplomates practice at prestigious institutions across North America and are widely considered to be leaders in their fields.

Broaden Your Career

Earning ABPS board certification enables physicians to gain professional advancement while meeting today’s increasing demands for patient care. With more medical institutions requiring that their physicians be board certified, ABPS Diplomates can present themselves as eminently qualified job candidates. APBS Diplomates also receive ongoing training to stay updated on advancements in their specialty and can expect more career opportunities, which can lead to higher earnings.

Give Patients Confidence

For many patients, consulting a physician for a health issue can be a nerve-racking experience. But your certification with the ABPS can give patients peace of mind. It’s a distinction that lets patients know their physician is uniquely qualified to deliver compassionate and expert medical care. Given that a patient’s health and well-being are always a good physician’s priority, the assurance that ABPS certification instills in patients cannot be overstated.

Receive Ongoing Training

Physicians certified through the ABPS receive ongoing education to stay updated about new and effective techniques and treatment methods. As members of a distinguished community dedicated to providing exceptional medical care, physicians enjoy numerous opportunities to exchange information about clinical experiences that can advance their specialties. Supported by a solid foundation of training, ABPS Diplomates are well-positioned to shape the course of medical care for years to come.

Boost Your Organization’s Prestige

It’s well-known throughout the healthcare community that physician certification requires a significant investment of time and effort, and only the most talented and dedicated doctors become certified. Physicians certified through the ABPS have demonstrated through our rigorous process that they are experts in their field. Having ABPS-certified specialists on staff confers prestige on healthcare organizations, allowing them to legitimately market themselves as world-class medical facilities.

ABPS Response to COVID-19

March 31, 2020 Update

Although COVID-19 has changed how we do our work, it has not prevented us from continuing to work on your behalf. Our AAPS and ABPS staff continue to work remotely. We have received numerous inquiries and concerns regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our office as well as on upcoming events. Please know that we are responding to your communications as quickly as possible and are constantly reevaluating upcoming events such as our annual meeting. We have been in communication with the Margaritaville Resort, and hope to come to a decision by May. With so much incertitude around the timing of COVID-19, we must adhere to the guidelines provided by the CDC as well as the contractual agreements with the hotel. As you know our environment is fast-changing, we will continue to provide regular updates as we move forward.

Click below for information and updates on examinations, meetings, and other events.

Patient Care Is Our Priority

Medical organizations throughout North America understand that our rigorous certification standards prove that ABPS Diplomates are capable of delivering the best patient care possible.

BCEM certification through ABPS has provided me with many opportunities. It has helped me demonstrate that I have special experience and expertise in Emergency Medicine beyond that obtained through my family medicine training. BCEM certification firmly established me as an emergency medicine specialist once I started working in emergency medicine full time. ABPS has also helped me network with other family physicians with a passion for improving rural and underserved emergency medicine practice.

Alex Beuning, MD, FAAEP
Emergency Medicine
Board certification through the American Board of Physician Specialties has served to substantiate my interest and additional training in several fields of medicine including Internal Medicine, Disaster Medicine, and Administrative Medicine. As a result, I have been able to serve my community in clinical, disaster response, and administrative medicine roles. Through the ABPS, I have become recognized as a leader in my various fields of interest.

Spencer Price MD, MPH, MBA
Internal Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Administrative Medicine
Personal challenge and motivation compelled me to pass my ABPS board exam. Measurement and confirmation of my own knowledge base reinforced my self-confidence. The ABPS, with its history of inclusivity, has allowed me to have a voice in the organization, while permitting me to impact overall national patient safety and care through certification. Participation in exam development afforded me the opportunity to witness the rigorousness of the exam process and psychometrically sound product, while developing meaningful collegiality, professional life enrichment, and warding off burn out.

Elizabeth Maxwell-Schmidt MD, FAAEP, FACEP
Emergency Medicine
Save the Date
House of Delegates & Annual Scientific Meeting
Innovation & Overcoming Challenges
June 10-15, 2022
We're Committed to Matching Physician Recruiters to ABPS Board Certified Physicians

Medical recruiters can submit job openings to the ABPS Career Center free of charge. Openings are distributed digitally through the ABPS Career Bulletin, a trusted resource for ABPS board-certified physicians and other practitioners considering a career change. Physicians will be able to browse job openings by specialty. The ABPS performs this valuable service as part of our mission to help improve patient care throughout the country.