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Do You Need to Recruit a Highly Qualified Anesthesiologist? Advertise the Opportunity in the ABPS Career Center

ABPS Career Center AnesthesiologyThe American Board of Physician Specialists (ABPS) has long been committed to matching physician recruiters with ABPS board certified physicians – men and women at the pinnacle of the medical profession. The ABPS Career Center is a platform designed to give ABPS Diplomates the opportunity to explore job opportunities in a wide variety of medical specialties across North America.

If you are a physician recruiter who would like to list an opening in the field anesthesiology, the ABPS will be pleased to help you bring the opportunity directly to the attention of some of most well-qualified anesthesiologists from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Board certification in anesthesiology through the ABPS indicates that a physician has fully mastered the core competencies of the specialty. In addition, it indicates that the physician has made a commitment to adhere to the ABPS Medical Code of Ethics – a written set of pledges underscoring the professionalism of our Diplomates and the multifaceted mission of our organization. For example, ABPS Diplomates pledge to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, uphold all laws and regulations relating to the practice of medicine, provide impartial patient care, maintain the confidentiality of privileged information, and improve public understanding of the role of the specialist physicians – among other professional and ethical practices.

ABPS board certification in anesthesiology is, by design, not an easy credential to obtain. Eligibility requirements for physicians who wish to become board certified through the Board of Certification in Anesthesiology (BCA) include the following:

General ABPS Requirements:

  • Submit a completed application and fee
  • Be an active specialist in anesthesiology
  • Hold a degree from a recognized domestic or foreign medical school
  • Possess a valid and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the U.S. or Canada
  • Provide a current curriculum vitae

Anesthesiology-Specific Requirements:

  • Complete both a PGY-1 program or accredited internship AND an approved anesthesiology residency
  • Tender proof of active practice with a letter detailing active privileges and period of service signed by chief of department, chief of staff, or chair of credentialing committee
  • Show documentation demonstrating completion of at least 30 hours of continuing medical education (CME) in anesthesiology earned within two years of the date of application
  • Submit 25 anesthesia case reports

Complete eligibility and application requirements for becoming board certified through the BCA can be found here. The initial board certification process in anesthesiology also requires the successful completion of a written and oral examination. After the eight-year certification period expires, a Diplomate may re-certify by submitting a re-certification application, completing a re-certifying exam, and showing documentation that he or she has completed the required number of CME hours.

Why recruit just any anesthesiologist when you can hire one that is an ABPS Diplomate? The ABPS has been a recognized choice for physician board certification since 1960. Contact us today to learn how to list a job opening on the ABPS Career Center.