Disaster Medicine Recertification

January 2020

An ABODM Diplomate is required to recertify every eight years after initial board certification. In order to qualify for recertification, an ABODM Diplomate must:

  1. Submit a Disaster Medicine recertification application form, along with payment of appropriate fee. Refer to the recertification fee schedule*.
  2. Be in conformity with the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc. (AAPS), be known in his/her community as an ethical member of the profession, and be active in Disaster Medicine.
  3. Submit documentation of CME hours: an average of 50 Category 1 CME hours per year, of which a minimum of 15 hours must be related to the field of Disaster Medicine, and the remainder of which shall be in a clinically-related field, as approved by the ABODM.
    1. Complete 4 CME credits of AAPS-Approved Medical Ethics. AAPS-approved courses include the AAPS-sponsored Medical Ethics course held in June in conjunction with the AAPS Scientific Meeting OR must contain the term “Medical Ethics” in the title, must be intended for physicians, and cannot be the same course taken multiple times to meet the 4 credit requirement. CME hours attained through the AAPS-sponsored Medical Ethics course may also be applied to the required AAPS-sponsored CME.
    2. Complete 16 hours of AAPS-Sponsored CME (For certificates expiring 2016 or later). Information regarding AAPS-Sponsored CME is available here www.aapsus.org/cme-certification.   **Documentation is required for ALL CME.  CME can be documented by individual certificates, CME summaries from the granting organization, or CME summaries from a third-party source that has seen the original documentation (such as AOA, an AMA Academy, or your hospital’s record department).  CME hours utilized for each physician’s state and hospital requirements may be applied towards meeting the CME requirements.
  4. Continuous Competency in Certification® (CCC) Requirements -Diplomates with certificates expiring in 2015 and later shall complete an average of 25 credits of ongoing evidence of continued competency each year over the eight year cycle in any combination of the following areas:
    1. Field Deployment in Disaster Medicine, to include Local, State, or Federal agencies in Disaster Medicine, or other applicable fields such as, but not limited to, Tactical Medicine or Wilderness Medicine. Credits for this category must be documented and may include:
      1. Field deployment with approved local, state, federal, or international agencies,
      2. Field training exercises with approved local, state, federal, or international agencies,
      3. Serving as an officer in approved local, state, federal, or international organizations,
      4. Field training in the practice of medicine in international venues,
      5. Development of field training principles in student Disaster Medical chapters or student disaster organizations,
      6. Other field related activities as reviewed and approved by the ABODM.  **Approved Field Deployment credits will be granted for each hour served.
    2. Scholarly Contributions in Disaster Medicine, or other applicable fields such as, but not limited to, Tactical Medicine or Wilderness Medicine.  Credits for this category must be documented and may include:
      1. Presentations or Workshops given at an AAPS or AADM sponsored CME program, or sponsored CME programs approved by AAPS, AOA, AMA, or RCPSC,
      2. Publication of a chapter in field manuals, textbooks, or other written or electronic resources in Disaster Medicine,
      3. Publications of scholarly papers in any AAPS or AADM journal, or other journals reviewed and approved by the ABODM,
      4. Teaching principles of Disaster Medicine or training with approved Universities, or local, state, federal, or international agencies,
      5. Developing field exercises or simulation programs in Disaster Medicine,
      6. Other scholarly activities as reviewed and approved by the ABODM.  **Scholarly credits will be granted on the following basis:  Each approved workshop or presentation – 10 creditsEach approved published chapter or article – 20 creditsAll other scholarly activities will be granted one credit for each hour of activity.  Credits may be earned for other scholarly activities as reviewed and approved by the ABODM.
  5. Written Recertification Examination RequirementsIn lieu of the Continuous Competency in Certification® (CCC) requirements described in Sections 4. A., B., and C. above, candidates may choose to successfully pass an ABODM Written Recertification Examination every eight (8) years.  Diplomates who choose to recertify under this option should plan to recertify eight (8) years after the initial certification or recertification date.
  6. Provide a copy of current, unrestricted medical license in either the United States or Canada with expiration date.
  7. Candidates must be current with all annual certification maintenance fees.
  8. All ABODM Diplomates must annually certify that all their licenses to practice medicine are full and unrestricted, and they have not been convicted of a felony. In addition, all Diplomates must advise ABODM and ABPS, in writing within 30 days, of any change to their licensure status.

Diplomates who select the option to recertify by completing the CCC requirements (Option 4) must submit the application and all other required documentation, including documentation of the credits described in 4. A., B., and C., by June 1 of the year their current certification expires.  Diplomates who choose to recertify under this option will also be required to continue to recertify on a bi-annual basis.

Diplomates who select the option to recertify by examination (Option 5) must submit the application and all other required documentation by the published application deadline for taking the recertification examination before the current certification expires.

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To learn more about American Journal of Disaster Medicine, click here and for AJDM subscription information, click here.

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Medical organizations throughout North America understand that our rigorous certification standards prove that ABPS Diplomates are capable of delivering the best patient care possible.

BCEM certification through ABPS has provided me with many opportunities. It has helped me demonstrate that I have special experience and expertise in Emergency Medicine beyond that obtained through my family medicine training. BCEM certification firmly established me as an emergency medicine specialist once I started working in emergency medicine full time. ABPS has also helped me network with other family physicians with a passion for improving rural and underserved emergency medicine practice.

Alex Beuning, MD, FAAEP
Emergency Medicine
Board certification through the American Board of Physician Specialties has served to substantiate my interest and additional training in several fields of medicine including Internal Medicine, Disaster Medicine, and Administrative Medicine. As a result, I have been able to serve my community in clinical, disaster response, and administrative medicine roles. Through the ABPS, I have become recognized as a leader in my various fields of interest.

Spencer Price MD, MPH, MBA
Internal Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Administrative Medicine
Personal challenge and motivation compelled me to pass my ABPS board exam. Measurement and confirmation of my own knowledge base reinforced my self-confidence. The ABPS, with its history of inclusivity, has allowed me to have a voice in the organization, while permitting me to impact overall national patient safety and care through certification. Participation in exam development afforded me the opportunity to witness the rigorousness of the exam process and psychometrically sound product, while developing meaningful collegiality, professional life enrichment, and warding off burn out.

Elizabeth Maxwell-Schmidt MD, FAAEP, FACEP
Emergency Medicine