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General Eligibility Requirements for ABPS Board Certification

Eligibility RequirementsWhile the eligibility requirements differ for medical board certification through the American Board of Physicians Specialties (ABPS) from specialty to specialty, there are certain general eligibility requirements that are shared by our Member Boards. These requirements are stringent, but they also serve to distinguish the ABPS from other multi-specialty medical board certification bodies in the United States.

In general, in order to meet the eligibility requirements for board certification and recertification through the ABPS, physicians must:

  • Have completed an accredited residency
  • Receive attestation of a full, unrestricted medical license
  • Become recertified after eight years
  • Take at least 50 hours a year of continuing medical education
  • Complete a non-remedial medical ethics course

Again, these are the very basic, general eligibility requirements for medical board certification through the ABPS. Perhaps the most significant of those is the ethics course, which is in keeping with the ABPS values that espouse the importance of ensuring patient safety while providing the highest possible level of care with demonstrated compassion.

To learn about the specific eligibility requirements for the specialty or sub-specialty of your choice, contact the ABPS today. The ABPS is the official certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.