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Integrative Medicine Fellows: What’s Next After You Have Completed Fellowship Training?

Integrative Medicine FellowsIf you are currently enrolled in an integrative medicine fellowship and you are considering the next steps in your career path, be sure that you research board certification through the American Board of Integrative Medicine®, a member board of the American Board of Physician Specialties®. Our Diplomates are recognized as leaders in an increasingly competitive field, and earning board certification is an excellent way to demonstrate that you have mastered the core concepts and principles that define the specialty. While the certification process is rigorous, the advantages to board certification are significant.

The first step toward board certification is to be certain that you are eligible to apply. There are a variety of requirements that must be met in order to be considered for certification. These requirements can be found here. Students currently enrolled in an integrative medicine fellowship are urged to visit our list of ABOIM-approved fellowship programs to ensure that completion of their program will satisfy our eligibility requirements. A full list of these programs can be found here. Qualified candidates are then invited to schedule a written examination, which covers a variety of topics related to integrative medicine, including nutrition, complementary and alternative therapies, lifestyle, prevention and health promotion, and other disciplines. Receiving a passing grade on this multiple choice test bestows board certification and its associated benefits.

Board certification is a benchmark that a patient can rely on when searching for a qualified physician. While many patients don’t know exactly what goes into being board certified, they recognize that it is a trusted metric for identifying the best physicians in the community. If given the choice, most people will seek a board certified specialist over one who isn’t. Plus, board certification is an honor that can be personally validating. However, from a professional standpoint, perhaps the biggest benefit to board certification is that many hospital groups, staffing professionals, and business leaders are increasingly prioritizing – if not mandating – that all new hires be board certified in their field of study. By becoming board certified in integrative medicine, you are investing in your future and ensuring that you are qualified for available positions, promotions, and other professional advantages.

To learn more about the many advantages to becoming board certified through the ABOIM, current fellows in integrative medicine are encouraged to contact us today. We’ll gladly explain the benefits to becoming part of our community and walk you through our eligibility requirements.