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Internal Medicine Physicians Have a Choice in Board Certification

Internal Medicine Certification | BCIMIt is important that Internal Medicine physicians understand that, when it comes to board certification, they have a choice. In the United States, there are three primary, multi-specialty physician certifying organizations: The American Board of Medical Specialties, American Board of Physician Specialties and the American Osteopathic Association. Each organization has its own unique advantages, which is why it is incumbent on the physician candidate to thoroughly research all available options and elect to pursue certification with the group that the candidate finds best able to help advance his or her career objectives.

At the ABPS, we have a member board dedicated solely to providing board certification in Internal Medicine, which is known as the Board of Certification in Internal Medicine (BCIM). The goal of this Member Board is to recognize leaders in Internal Medicine – physicians who have extensive experience in the specialty and who can demonstrate a mastery of the core concepts and competencies required from a physician who practices Internal Medicine. As a result, our Diplomates represent some of the best and brightest in this essential medical specialty.

BCIM Diplomates are members of a highly motivated community of like-minded physicians who are given an open forum to share best practices and apprise each other of career opportunities – including leadership positions – in the specialty area. Additionally, the BCIM and the ABPS are committed to providing our Diplomates with a voice, and we work tirelessly with practice management groups, legislators, and certifying organizations to make sure that the voice of our community is heard.

If you are an Internal Medicine physician with extensive training and experience in the specialty, and you are currently researching the board certification options available to you, contact the BCIM. Internal Medicine physicians who have previously been certified by the ABMS or AOA are also eligible to re-certify with our organization.