Primary Care Physician- Auburn, WA

Primary Care Physician- Auburn, WA

Provider Service Group is seeking a Primary Care Physician to work full time with benefits in Auburn, WA. These positions are a professional level position intended to provide primary care medical services.  We offer an opportunity to serve a broad population base across the life spectrum; diagnosing and treating illness, injuries and providing wellness exams. This is primarily a clinical position and incumbents will spend the majority of their time seeing patients, with the same productivity standards and same scheduling guidelines as physicians.  Although knowledge of biopsychosocial issues and holistic care in the treatment of all patients is desirable, the emphasis in this position is in the biomedical and medicolegal areas. This provider will be an integral member of a multidisciplinary team addressing whole person, person centered care.

This position requires a substantial level of independence and clinical leadership. The MD will do initial medical evaluations as well as follow up on cases that have been seen by other staff providers.  The position is supervised by the Chief Medical Officer.

We offer a competitive benefits package to all full-time team members including Medical & Dental Insurance: Premium 100% paid by group for team-member coverage and child until the child’s 26th birthday, 401K, 3 weeks of Vacation, 11 Paid Holidays, and Life Insurance

Essential Functions:

  • Independently evaluate patients for the purpose of determining a differential, medical diagnosis and biopsychosocial case formulation.
  • Assess patients for acute care needs and general wellness.
  • Prescribe medications, which are within his/her licensing purview.
  • Coordinate with clients’ care team(s) to facilitate integration of medical issues with overall treatment planning
  • Screen patients for concurrent non-psychiatric medical conditions and provide appropriate care and, or referral(s).
  • Order all appropriate laboratory tests to determine a differential diagnosis and assure safe prescription of medications.
  • Assess for medication side effects and treat when appropriate, following guidelines set by accepted professional standards and any other applicable standards of care.
  • Consult with the treatment teams or other agency and non-agency providers on issues related to an individual patient’s treatment and overall treatment planning. Liaison with behavioral health providers and care team members.
  • Attend and participate in medical staff meetings, as required.
  • Obtain supervision, consultation or guidance by an agency psychiatrist or the medical director in cases as needed.
  • Maintain clinical records in accordance with agency policy.
  • Perform other functions, e.g. teaching, supervision of nursing staff and students, inter- and interagency committee responsibilities, as assigned. These responsibilities may include provision of group staff consultations without the presence of a staff psychiatrist.
  • Understand recovery concepts in behavioral health.
  • Apply recovery concepts, as appropriate to clinical work.
  • Synthesize and demonstrate recovery concepts in clinical work.


  • Current license as a Medical Doctor in Washington State and applicable DEA for WA State
  • Understanding of all federal and state regulations including HIPAA and OSHA.
  • Buprenorphine “x” waiver preferred or willingness to complete within 90 days of hire.
  • The ability to be reimbursed for services by Medicare and Medicaid is required. Certified in CPR/BLS. 
  • TB and Hep B titers required.
  • WDL, insurable driving record and reliable transportation necessary

Please feel to reach out to me with questions.

Lauren Hanon
Sr. Physician Recruiter
c: 423-827-3770



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Medical organizations throughout North America understand that our rigorous certification standards prove that ABPS Diplomates are capable of delivering the best patient care possible.

On October 18, 2007, President George W. Bush released Homeland Security Presidential Directive 21 (HSPD-21), calling on our nation, among other initiatives, to “collectively support and facilitate the establishment of a discipline of disaster health”. It is a great testament to the wisdom and foresight of the American Board of Physician Specialties that it immediately set to work and created, within the short span of only one year, an educational blueprint and set of certification examinations, both written and oral, for a new subspecialty of disaster medicine—and it is why I chose to be part this vital initiative and this wonderful organization. This is but one of the many innovative programs initiated by the American Board of Physician Specialties over the years, and why I am proud to support its work on behalf of our nation’s public health.

Art Cooper, MD
Disaster Medicine
When the American Board of Physician Specialties offered to host the American Board of Integrative Medicine, ABPS became a landmark organization working to move medicine into the twenty first century. Certifying physicians who have completed rigorous academic training in Integrative Medicine ensures that the field of Integrative Medicine will continue to develop academically, clinically, and professionally. The leadership of ABPS continues to impress me - they are diligent in constantly innovating to provide certifications for physicians who want to advance their careers and their areas of expertise. I am honored to be a part of this organization.

Ann Marie Chiasson, MD
Integrative Medicine
There are many ways board certification advances a physician career. ABPS Board examination verifies your accuracy, precision, and reflects your mastery of your residency training verifying your expertise. ABPS Board certification demonstrates your level of expertise beyond your practice experience, primary education degrees, and training which are necessary for insurance reimbursement and practice privilege requirements. Attaining your ABPS Board Certification will clarify your purpose, secure your practice growth, and expand into leadership positions. Board certification can serve as an indication of a physician’s commitment to medicine, beyond the minimal standards and competency of training, their measurement to quality of care, and attaining an award for excellence.

Chris Kunis MD
Internal Medicine
When I think historically, advancement in medicine and patient safety and care has been driven by the diversity of people and scientific thought. That’s what I found at the ABPS and more. For over 60 years that is just who we are. I found a physician certifying body that provides a choice and voice to all physicians ensuring that patients are always placed first.

Jerry Allison, MD
Emergency Medicine
When I decided to pursue a full time role as a physician executive it was important to me to obtain additional professional training, education and work experience. Board certification through the ABPS in Administrative Medicine is validation of my efforts and a demonstration of dedication to professional development. We need more physicians to become full time health care executives, knowing there is a board certification option in Administrative Medicine encourages physicians to take the leap from full time clinical practice to healthcare organizational leadership.

Richard Paula, MD
Administrative Medicine
The American Board of Physician Specialties has provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of internal medicine through board certification. As a hospitalist, board certification is an expected credential, and hospitals recognize the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) as one of the three standard credentialling bodies for Internal Medicine. Additionally, the ABPS has helped me develop leadership skills as a Board member and Committee Chairperson. ABPS has also helped me sharpen critical thinking skills as a test question developer and reviewer. The Allopathic (MD) and Osteopathic (DO) physicians in the ABPS are lifelong learners and frequently pursue multiple board certifications. I enjoy the camaraderie of my peers in ABPS.

Loren Jay Chassels, DO
Internal Medicine