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Reasons to Consider the ABPS for Certification and Recertification in Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic SurgeryAs healthcare standards have evolved over the past 50 years, board certification has been proven one of the most effective methods for qualified physicians to demonstrate the depth of their knowledge and ability. The need for specialty certification in fields such as Orthopedic Surgery is now greater than ever. Board certification is a voluntary process that is intended to demonstrate the mastery of the core body of knowledge and skills necessary for a specific specialty or specialties.

There are many individual specialty physician certifying bodies in the United States, but not all of them adhere to the most stringent and rigorous standards. Historically, many physicians have only been aware of one or two certifying organizations. In reality, there are three established and well-respected multispecialty certifying bodies in the United States: the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). The ABPS began to certify physicians in 1960, but it is not commonly known as a choice for Orthopedic Surgery.

The Board of Certification in Orthopedic Surgery (BCOS) allows orthopedic specialists to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skill to provide the finest care possible, as well as a firm grasp of the core competencies of the specialty.

Here are a few things you should know about the ABPS:

  • The ABPS is one of the nation’s leading certifying bodies for both allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) physicians.
  • The rigorous standards of physician recertification and certification established by the ABPS compare favorably with the ABMS and AOA.
  • Member boards of the ABPS offer exams that focus on the physician’s clinical knowledge and not the politics of medicine.
  • The ABPS is the only multi-specialty certifying body that will recertify active, qualified diplomates of ABMS and AOA.
  • ABPS has diplomates in all of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  • Diplomates of ABPS are graduates of some of the nation’s most prestigious medical schools and have been accepted in practice at some of the country’s top healthcare institutions.

We sincerely hope that as you study your options for board certification and recertification in Orthopedic Surgery, you will consider the ABPS.  To learn more about the benefits of board certification with ABPS, and to request information about ABPS Member Board eligibility in Orthopedic Surgery, please visit online or contact the certification department at (813) 433-2277, extension 26. The ABPS is the official multi-specialty board certification body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.