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Recruiters Need to Know—the ABPS Offers a Choice in Physician Board Certification

Recruiters Need to Know—the ABPS Offers a Choice in Physician Board CertificationTo become a practicing physician, a trained doctor must earn a medical license by passing a tough, standardized exam. In every state, licensure is required for medical practice, but physician board certification is not. An arduous process with stringent eligibility requirements, certification is an extra step that physicians take voluntarily, and to become certified, they must once again sit for challenging exams—which begs the question:

Why Certification?

As we say at the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), it’s because effective health care matters. Certification serves as a validation of a physician’s dedication, knowledge, and expertise, and only the truly talented physicians earn board certification. Practice management groups, hospitals, and physicians may have different interpretations of what this coveted distinction means, but one thing is certain: Board certification assures patients that a certified physician has the skills to deliver safe and effective medical care.

Physicians Have a Choice

Founded in 1952, the ABPS was created to provide certification options. We take a pragmatic approach to certification, offering both allopathic and osteopathic physicians certification and recertification in 20 different specialties, from traditional medical fields such as family medicine and dermatology to emerging specialties such as disaster medicine and integrative medicine. Our Diplomates practice at renowned institutions throughout the country as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico. In short, we are nationally recognized as a premier choice for physician board certification.

Why the ABPS?

Our standards are high and our exams notably rigorous. But once certified with the ABPS, physicians are ideally positioned for personal and professional advancement. Because hospitals and other employers are increasingly hiring only board-certified practitioners, ABPS Diplomates are ideal candidates for new career opportunities. Furthermore, ABPS physicians have a voice as valued members of the medical community, sharing best practices to improve patient care and receiving ongoing education to stay updated on advancements in their specialty.

For more information about the ABPS and our mission to enhance patient care through physician excellence, contact us today.