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The ABPS Proudly Partners with Aperture

As one of the most prominent nationally recognized multi-specialty certifying entities in North America, the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) requires the expert services of a reliable credentials verification organization (CVO). “That is why we turned to Aperture Credentialing, Inc.,” says Jeff Morris,  executive director of ABPS. “With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Aperture is the largest healthcare provider credentialing company in the United States.”

The team at Aperture successfully manages a wide range of practitioners and facilities, many with high-volume and timeline-driven needs. Aperture also offers market-leading operational and financial scale, with stringent QA policies and processes that deliver superior results.

Aperture has earned a reputation for speedy, first-rate implementation, with robust performance and service level guarantees. Its URAC CVO accreditation and NCQA CVO CR certification gives the ABPS the utmost confidence in the company’s capabilities. It also helps tremendously that the professionals at Aperture provide continual monitoring and process updates based on any changes that we make.

Aperture is also known for transparent practices, with proprietary tools and reports that allow for credentialing workflow tracking. Working with this CVO also means that current and historical credentialing information is always available to us. Plus, they provide monthly tracking and reporting on guaranteed performance standards.

The ABPS advises physicians to monitor their board certification status to ensure that it is current and that recertification requirements are met. With Aperture as the CVO of choice for the ABPS, a physician’s status, and thus, credentials to be hired or retained, can be verified quickly and easily.

To learn more about the ABPS, or about the importance of maintaining a current board certification status, contact the ABPS today.