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Doctor, Are You Eligible for ABPS Board Certification?

Doctor, Are You Eligible for ABPS Board Certification?If you are a physician who is considering board certification – congratulations. You’re on your way to a smart decision, one that can yield a slew of career advantages, not to mention the benefits it offers to both your employer and your patients. Here at the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), where we offer board certification in a range of specialties and subspecialties, we have seen our Diplomates embrace leadership positions in facilities across the nation. It’s not surprising when you consider what a differentiator board certification can be, helping to single out qualified physicians who, through an extensive application process and stringent testing, have demonstrated extraordinary talent in their specialty.

Moreover, the prestige that certified physicians can bestow on hospitals is immeasurable. Knowing that a facility has certified doctors on staff eases patients’ anxiety and helps to instill them with confidence that they will receive the knowledgeable and compassionate medical care they seek.

With the goal of offering the highest standards in certification to meet the public’s evolving healthcare needs while helping physicians achieve career success, the ABPS has established general eligibility requirements that include:

  • Three to five years of advanced training, depending on the specialty, and completion of an ACGME- or AOA-approved residency
  • Attestation of a full, unrestricted medical license
  • Completion of a non-remedial medical ethics course
  • At least 50 hours a year of continuing medical education
  • Achieving recertification after eight years

In keeping with our commitment to helping provide a high level of medical care that ensures patient safety, the ABPS is the only multi-specialty that requires its Diplomates to complete a medical ethics course to earn recertification.

To learn more about our eligibility requirements, or for information about our standardized exams, which are offered across a network of testing centers in the United States and Canada, contact the ABPS today. The ABPS is the official certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.®