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Why Emergency Medicine Board Certification Makes Sense for Career Emergency Physicians

EM Board CertificationPhysicians who have extensive experience working in emergency departments have an opportunity to earn their board certification in Emergency Medicine from the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS). In many cases, career EM physicians are board certified in a primary care field, which doesn’t necessarily speak to their substantial experience and expertise working in the emergency department. This is one of the reasons that these professionals should be encouraged to pursue board certification in Emergency Medicine from ABPS by hospitals and emergency practice management groups. If you have satisfactorily completed an accredited primary care residency and have practiced emergency medicine on a full-time basis for five years or more (while accumulating 7,000 hours in the practice of Emergency Medicine), board certification is an obtainable goal.

So why should a physician who is already board certified consider pursuing recognition for their work in emergency departments? Here are a few reasons:

  • Board certification provides increased credibility to the physician in the eyes of hospital administration by showcasing their mastery of the subject
  • Increasingly, medical staffing professionals are prioritizing hiring emergency medicine-certified physicians for positions in emergency departments
  • There are numerous insurance incentives for staffing EM physicians
  • The steps toward earning certification are rigorous, which requires the physician to work and study hard, improving their level of care and mastery of their field in the process
  • On a personal level, board certification provides a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to the Diplomate

The biggest hurdle that prevents many physicians from pursuing EM board certification is the belief that they won’t be eligible without completing an additional residency. Yet, with the ABPS, we believe that physicians who have previously completed a residency and have made a career working in an emergency department deserve to be tested in Emergency Medicine. We offer an excellent option toward board certification for motivated physicians who want to demonstrate to their patients and employers that they’re at the top of their field. It’s for these reasons and more that qualified physicians should be encouraged to pursue EM certification with the ABPS. For more information about the certification process and various eligibility requirements, contact us today. The ABPS is the official board certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.