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How Patients Benefit from ABPS Board Certification

Board Certification Patient BenefitsThe American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) is one of three nationally recognized organizations that oversee physician board certification and recertification in the United States. The ABPS has implemented eligibility requirements and rigorous testing standards that evaluate the competence and clinical knowledge of the physician candidates.

The objectives of our organizations include the following:

  • Establish stringent standards for board certification
  • Provide a forum for addressing certification issues faced by medical specialists
  • Institute professional standards for each ABPS Member Board
  • Maintain a coordinated structure for conducting Member Board affairs
  • Review and act on applications for the creation of new specialty boards
  • Encourage collegiality, fraternity, and service among all ABPS Diplomates
  • Inform the public about certification and the status of our board certified physicians

Attaining the distinction of board certification through the ABPS is not easy. However, becoming an ABPS Diplomate greatly benefits all those who you entered the medical professional to serve – namely, your patients. People in search of quality medical care have a handful of local specialists from which to choose in many cases. Board certification – though it is just one of many factors a patient should consider when choosing a specialist – provides definitive evidence that a physician is highly qualified to provide care in a given specialty. Board certification stands out as tangible proof that an M.D. or a D.O. has fully mastered a specialty’s core competencies. If there is one quality that all ABPS Diplomates have in common, it is the unyielding commitment to providing exceptional care to their patients. To this end, ABPS Diplomates:

  • Adhere to the ABPS Medical Code of Ethics
  • Work diligently and collaboratively to find practical solutions to shortcomings in the healthcare system
  • Share and implement medical best practices with their peers
  • Publicly advocate for the highest level of patient care
  • Remain zealously dedicated to putting people – not profit – first

Determining whether a doctor is board certified through the ABPS is simple. Prospective patients are encouraged to confirm board certification of ABPS physicians by conducting a database search using this online form, which is free of charge. We have also created the Online Verification Database specifically for hospitals, credentialers, and other healthcare organizations who wish to receive official ABPS board certification verification online within minutes. The Database provides information that may be used for physician credentialing and other professional purposes.

For more information, contact the ABPS today.