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Career EM Physicians Can Accelerate their Careers

Career EM Physicians Can Accelerate their CareersFaced with a shortage of qualified emergency medicine physicians for the last several years, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have staffed their emergency rooms with knowledgeable and skilled doctors trained in primary specialties. These career EM physicians have shown time and again that they are more than capable of delivering critical care in a stressful environment that demands quick thinking, calm confidence, and high-level teamwork. Despite their evident talent and hard work, many of them may find that their careers have stalled when compared with doctors certified in emergency medicine.

Certification in emergency medicine allows physicians to present themselves as some of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals working in the specialty. Through the rigors of testing, they have demonstrated that they possess the depth of knowledge and expertise necessary to provide exceptional emergency room care. It’s no surprise, then, that more organizations across the country are staffing their emergency departments with physicians certified in emergency medicine. Not only that, EM-certified physicians are regarded throughout the industry as professionals who, because they have dedicated the time and energy to achieve board certification, are singularly committed to the advancement of the specialty.

Through the Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM), the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) provides career EM physicians the chance to prove beyond dispute that they have the talent and expertise to deliver exceptional critical care. The stringent eligibility requirements and testing standards of the BCEM declare to health care leaders that BCEM-certified physicians are dedicated professionals who can be valuable assets to their organizations. In addition to revitalizing EM physicians’ careers, BCEM certification can boost the reputation of both their organizations and their fellow staffers, and give their patients peace of mind that they will receive the best health care possible.

To be eligible for BCEM certification, physicians must have completed an accredited residency in a primary care specialty – specifically family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, or general surgery – and must have completed a minimum of five years and 7,000 hours of emergency room casework.

If you are a career EM physician and would like more information about the BCEM’s eligibility requirements, or the benefits of obtaining certification through the BCEM, contact the ABPS today.