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ABPS Diplomate Helps Patients Shed Pounds

Dr. Musa TangorenDr. Musa Tangoren has helped thousands of people lose weight since he founded The Biggest Winner Program in 2014. The program is a six-month weight loss challenge that aims to empower participants to achieve a healthier, happier life through smarter diet, increased physical activity, and, just as importantly, a boost in self-esteem.

Dr. Tangoren – an anesthesiologist at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono in East Stroudsburg, PA, and an American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) Diplomate in Anesthesiology – began his own journey to a healthier lifestyle when he was a teenager. “I used to play a lot of soccer,” he said. “I liked to play sports a lot, and I was always interested in health and fitness.” But, getting healthy is a complex process, Dr. Tangoren says. It’s about more than just reducing calories and eating more fruits and vegetables; it’s about achieving health in mind and body.

Many people struggling with their weight know they need to exercise and eat healthy but still never get around to actually doing that, much less embarking on any kind of weight-loss regimen. For some, there’s always an obstacle – no time, no equipment – excuses that Dr. Tangoren attributes to a fear of failure. “We need to liberate ourselves,” he told recent Biggest Winner participants. He exhorted them “to take a leap of faith” toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Biggest Winner participants include adult individuals, teams of two, and teens. They are educated about diet and exercise at the start of the program, and are coached and directed throughout. They also receive a daily positive message and motivational and educational lectures every two weeks. In addition, Dr. Tangoren brings in colleagues to speak to Biggest Winner participants. The goal is to broaden the support for participants by expanding their base of knowledge. “They have immediate access to an orthopedic surgeon, a cardiologist, a cardiac surgeon, a nephrologist, and a dietician,” Dr. Tangoren says.

As part of the challenge, he takes participants to a gym to teach them how to exercise properly. He encourages them to relax and focus on their workouts in order to gain the most benefits. On average, people lose about 10-15 pounds in the program. One participant got in such good shape, she competed in a beauty pageant. A mother-and-son team shed a combined 140 pounds. The mother said that the most important takeaway from the program was learning to love herself.

Dr. Tangoren admits that it’s emotional to see people succeed in the program, that it reminds him that his life has importance. “Ultimately, we all want to feel like our lives have importance, that our lives matter,” he says.

The ABPS was founded to recognize physicians who have mastered their respective specialties and demonstrate an unwavering dedication to exceptional patient care. As public advocates for practical solutions to health care challenges, our Diplomates generously share their knowledge in order to improve the quality of their patients’ lives. If you would like to learn more the ABPS and the renowned expertise of our Diplomates, contact us today.