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The Relationship Between Disaster Medicine and Active Duty Military Physicians

Disaster MedicinePhysicians are well known for their willingness to respond during times of crisis. When disasters occur, we trust that highly trained and experienced medical professionals will be on hand to assist in recovery and relief efforts. And the United States Armed Forces, in particular, features countless physicians with disaster medicine training and expertise. These men and women put themselves at risk every day to enter war zones, terrorist attack sites, and areas hit by natural disasters to offer the care and comfort that the injured require. At the American Board of Physician Specialties, we are well aware of how invaluable these specialized active duty military physicians are, and we are extremely proud to provide the most qualified among them the opportunity to become board certified in disaster medicine.

As the only nationally recognized multi-specialty physician certifying body to offer disaster medicine board certification, the ABPS has made it clear that we understand and value the essential role of disaster medicine specialists during times of crisis, and we believe that physicians with substantial disaster medicine experience deserve the opportunity to have their expertise formally recognized in this high profile, essential field of medicine.

The world has a shortage of physicians who are trained in disaster medicine, and active duty physicians who are board certified in disaster medicine are especially well suited to assume leadership positions in disaster planning and preparedness. For this reason, eligible active duty physicians should be encouraged to consider a formalized second specialty in disaster medicine – one that will serve them well in the military and civilian life as well.

At the ABPS, our disaster medicine board certified physicians are experts in:

  • The principles of triage during a disaster
  • Providing effective care with limited resources
  • Offering psychological first aid and care to first responders
  • Ensuring safety during disaster responses for all responders
  • The National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System

Of course, disaster medicine isn’t a specialty that is exclusively reserved for active duty personnel. Any physician who meets the eligibility requirements outlined by the American Board of Disaster Medicine is encouraged to pursue board certification in this essential and increasingly relevant medical specialty. To learn more about becoming board certified in disaster medicine, contact the American Board of Physician Specialties today.