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Emergency Board Certification from the ABPS

Emergency BoardThe American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) believes that career emergency physicians with substantial experience, and a residency in a primary care field, should receive the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise through emergency board certification. More than 30 percent of the emergency department workforce in the United States falls into this category and  merit recognition for their knowledge and experience. We also believe physicians should have a choice of which emergency room board best reflects their commitment to caring for their patients needs.

The eligibility requirements for ABPS emergency room board certification are among the most rigorous in the nation.  This approach is to ensure the best possible care for patients, as well as to provide eligible emergency physicians a meaningful opportunity to demonstrate the full depth of their expertise. In addition to conforming with the ABPS code of ethics, physicians who seek emergency board certification are required to have:

  • Practiced emergency medicine for at least five years on a full-time basis
  • Accumulated a minimum of 7,000 hours in the practice of emergency medicine
  • Completed a residency in one of the following primary care specialties – family practice, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, or general surgery

Physicians who seek to earn certification through the ABPS Board of Certification for Emergency Medicine (BCEM) must verify staff privileges via documentation from the administrators of all emergency facilities where privileges are held. Also, applicants for emergency board certification, must submit documented reports for a minimum of 10 emergency cases from the past twelve months for which the applicant held the lead management role. These are only a few examples of eligibility and application requirements which demonstrate the depth of knowledge and experience the BCEM requires prior to consideration.

Contact ABPS to learn more about the eligibility requirements for emergency room board certification, or to begin the application process. The ABPS is the certifying body for the American Association of Physician Specialists, providing board certification for 17 medical specialties.