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Family Medicine  Board Certification from the American Board of Physician Specialties

Family Practice BoardOsteopathic and allopathic physicians from the United States and Canada are eligible to apply for family medicine board certification from the Board of Certification in Family Medicine (BCFM) under the management and governance of the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS). Certification through the BCFM allows physicians to demonstrate a mastery of the knowledge and skill in the core competencies necessary to practice family medicine.

In addition, family medicine board certification through the BCFM demonstrates a physician’s professional commitment to the ABPS Medical Code of Ethics. Among other standards of conduct, this entails:

  • Maintaining the highest standard of personal conduct
  • Promoting and encouraging the highest level of medical ethics in medicine
  • Maintaining loyalty to the goals and objectives of the American Board of Physician Specialties
  • Recognizing and discharging the responsibility of the profession to uphold the laws and regulations relating to the practice of medicine
  • Striving for excellence in all aspects of a medical practice
  • Using only legal and ethical means in the provision of care to patients
  • Providing patient care impartially; providing no special privilege to any individual patient based on the patient’s race, color, creed, sex, national origin or handicap
  • Accepting no personal compensation from any party that would influence or require special consideration in the provision of care to any patient
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of privileged information
  • Cooperating in every reasonable and proper way with other physicians and work with them in the advancement of quality patient care
  • Using every opportunity to improve public understanding of the role of the specialist physician
  • Abiding by the highest ethical standards in activities designed to attract patients

The family medicine board certification exam is a written examination, with multiple-choice, single-response questions. Diplomates of the BCFM develop and validate the exam questions under the direction of psychometric consultants and the ABPS, which is the official certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc. While most Canadian and American family practitioners are eligible to apply, there are other eligibility requirements, as well. One of the three following qualifications must be met:

  • Completion of an ACGME accredited or AOA approved residency in Family Medicine
  • Completion of a related residency accepted by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Osteopathic physicians with an AOA-approved internship, plus an AOA-approved general practice residency with a minimum of two years of full-time experience in family practice and 300 hours of CME that is deemed acceptable by the BCFM

For more information about the eligibility requirements for family medicine board certification with the ABPS, or to apply for the exam, contact us today.