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How the Practice of Hospital Medicine is Changing

Hospital MedicineThe specialized practice of Hospital Medicine has grown considerably during the past two decades, and recognition of the increasing prevalence of the specialty has led to the development of the American Board of Hospital Medicine® (ABHM). The ABHM is one of 18 Member Boards administered by the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), which is one of the three most prominent multi-specialty board certifying bodies in North America. However, neither of the other two prominent bodies − the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Osteopathic Association-Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists − offer qualified hospitalists the opportunity for board certification.

The reason the ABPS has embraced Hospital Medicine by developing the ABHM is that the rapid growth and increasing importance of this specialty have made it obvious that qualified hospitalists should be fully and nationally recognized for their leadership, as well as their skill and experience. The ABHM is a full-fledged, comprehensive board, not a subspecialty. It was developed as its own specialty because as the nature of healthcare changes in the coming years, it is clear that Hospital Medicine will continue to grow and change. Here are just a few changes that could occur in the near future:

  • The development of Hospital Medicine subspecialties, such as geriatrics and pediatrics
  • The formation of more hospitalist group practices throughout North America
  • Greater leadership roles for hospitalists as hospitals expand their leadership acumen and expand their core body of clinical knowledge

For more information about the future of Hospital Medicine, or to learn about the ABHM eligibility requirements and exam schedule, contact the ABPS. The ABPS is the official multi-specialty board certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.