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Hospitalist specialists are recognized through the American Board of Hospital Medicine

Hospitalists RecognitionHospitalists are physician specialists who focus primarily on hospital medicine. These professionals have dedicated their careers to improving healthcare in hospital environments and are invaluable in emergency rooms, ICUs, research facilities, and training hospitals throughout the nation. Hospital medicine is a rapidly growing specialty that will only become more prevalent in the years to come, which is why the American Board of Hospital Medicine (ABHM), a specialty board of the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS), was founded to provide qualified hospitalists an opportunity to earn board certification in their field of expertise.

The ABHM is unique in that it is the nation’s only comprehensive and dedicated board of certification for hospital medicine that is governed entirely by hospitalists. At the ABPS, we recognize how absolutely essential hospitalists are in North American healthcare, which is why we created an exclusive specialty board to oversee this rapidly growing field, rather than consider it a subspecialty under a different board of certification. We also are pleased to have hospitalists running our specialty board because only they have the keen understanding and firsthand expertise needed to determine the qualities that make a successful hospitalist.

Physician certification in hospital medicine is also becoming extremely important because hospitals, hospital groups, physician recruiters, and other healthcare organizations continue to amend their bylaws and hiring policies to further emphasize specialty board certification. The ABHM is able to help its Diplomates prove to their current or potential employers that they have mastered hospital medicine with board certification from one of the nation’s largest and most trusted multi-specialty certifying bodies.

If you are a physician who has extensive experience in hospital medicine and consider yourself a hospitalist, why not consider becoming board certified in your area of expertise? Contact the ABHM or the ABPS today to learn about our eligibility requirements as well as the many benefits to becoming a board certified hospitalist. The ABPS is the official certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.