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Healthcare is Changing. Christopher Kodama, MD, on How ABAM Certification Helps Physicians Take Charge!

Christopher Kodoma, MDHealthcare is transforming at an unprecedented rate, in no small part due to growing interest from patients who are incurring the impacts of rising healthcare costs, despite less than ideal clinical outcomes. We are at an inflection point and need leaders who are able to integrate the pragmatic realities of medical evidence and clinical-care models, as well as understand how to best balance the realities of doctor-patient interactions with delivering services that help us achieve better clinical outcomes more affordably.

Due to these forces, there is a growing demand for physicians who can integrate clinical and business concepts into impactful plans. Physicians who are empowered with the right leadership sensibilities, as well as administrative management knowledge and skills, are uniquely positioned to facilitate collaboration among a diverse group of stakeholders.

In my case, earning an MBA was vital in building my business fluency and toolkit for grappling with a wide array of current healthcare challenges. Certification through the American Board of Administrative Medicine (ABAM) was the logical next step. Board certification through the ABAM provides a reliable means of measuring and assessing a physician leader’s management knowledge. Given that ABAM certification is a rigorous process, it serves as a powerful indicator of how well-equipped a physician leader is to contribute to healthcare improvement.

ABAM certification also bolsters a physician leader’s credentials as a valued member of any team focused on improving health care outcomes more affordably and in a manner that puts the patient at the center of how we design our care and business models. As a founding member of the ABAM, I have had the privilege of applying my knowledge and skills in administrative medicine in a variety of roles that include leading healthcare start-up companies, leading the integration of departments to create programs focused on health equity and wellness, and consulting on special strategic projects for healthcare provider systems.

As a Member Board of the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), a nationally recognized multi-specialty certifying body, the ABAM is in good company. Like the other highly regarded certification boards of the ABPS, the ABAM is committed to creating ever more refined ways of measuring knowledge and proficiency in topics relevant to the success of qualified physician specialists.

For more information about how ABAM certification can help physician leaders meet the evolving challenges of our healthcare system, contact the ABPS today.