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How Practice Management Groups Can Ensure the Integrity of Emergency Medicine

How Practice Management Groups Can Ensure the Integrity of Emergency MedicineThe persistent shortage of physicians certified in emergency medicine underscores the need for a long-term solution. For years, emergency departments have dealt with this shortage by relying on physicians certified in primary care specialties. But, as visits to emergency rooms rise and many hospitals struggle to find physicians trained and experienced in emergency medicine, the problem has grown more urgent.

The Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM), a Member Board of the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), recommends that practice management groups promote board certification in emergency medicine to primary care-trained physicians. With some of the most rigorous eligibility standards in North America, the BCEM offers the only opportunity for experienced primary care physicians to become certified in emergency medicine.

BCEM certification offers the following benefits to practice management groups:

  • Provides documented evidence of a physician’s exceptional abilities in the fast-paced, high-stress emergency room environment
  • Demonstrates that groups’ physicians possess knowledge and skills on par with residency-trained ER specialists
  • Helps to boost the reputation of hospitals that hire BCEM-certified physicians
  • Broadens opportunities for groups that rely on BCEM-certified physicians
  • Instills all ER staffers with confidence that they are working alongside talented and dedicated specialists
  • Gives patients assurance that they will be provided with nothing less than top-notch emergency medical care

Moreover, BCEM certification serves as demonstrable proof to practice management groups that physicians who met the BCEM’s eligibility requirements have the talent and dedication to deliver world-class emergency medical care. To learn more about how the BCEM can help practice management groups advance the specialty and improve the lives of patients, contact the ABPS today.