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Integrative Medicine Fellowships Prepare Physicians for Board Certification

ABOIM Approved FellowshipsThe American Board of Physician Specialties® developed the nation’s first member board dedicated strictly to providing board certification in the emerging field of Integrative Medicine. Named the American Board of Integrative Medicine® (ABOIM), this board has standardized the core concepts and competencies that define the specialty, ensuring that our Diplomates represent some of the most imminently qualified physicians in the field. To become board certified through the ABOIM, physician candidates must meet a number of rigorous eligibility requirements, chief among them the successful completion of an approved fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

At the ABOIM, we work hard to develop relationships with many of the most well known and highly regarded fellowship programs across the country, and we strongly encourage all physicians who are interested in specializing in the field of Integrative Medicine to complete fellowship training. Integrative Medicine is becoming highly sought after and there are more institutions of higher learning developing fellowships in Integrative Medicine than ever before. By completing this additional training, physicians are given the skills needed to present themselves as Integrative Medicine specialists and can schedule a written examination with the ABOIM to have their expertise formally validated by a third-party, nationally recognized multi-specialty physician certifying organization.

A complete list of ABOIM-approved fellowships can be found here. However, please note that this list is by no means comprehensive. If you have successfully completed fellowship training from a different institution, please contact the ABOIM to determine your eligibility. As this specialty continues to expand, we frequently increase the number of our approved fellowships to keep up with demand.

The primary goal of the ABOIM is to recognize highly experienced and trained physicians who have the firsthand expertise needed to help the field of Integrative Medicine continue to evolve. The need for physician leaders in Integrative Medicine is at an all-time high and ABOIM Diplomates are uniquely well suited to meet the needs of the physician community.

To learn more about our eligibility requirements and the benefits to becoming board certified through the ABOIM and ABPS, contact us today.