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The Advantages and Benefits to Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine Board CertificationIntegrative Medicine is quickly becoming an extremely popular specialty among physicians because it combines the best practices of conventional medicine with a number of proven effective complementary and alternative therapies to benefit the patient. Furthermore, this specialty places a tremendous emphasis on the relationship between physician and patient, focusing on the health of the whole person. By taking this holistic approach to healthcare and wellness, physicians can help their patients achieve optimal health and healing.

The American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) understands the importance of Integrative Medicine and is proud to be the only multi-specialty certifying board in North America that offers board certification in this compelling medical specialty. Here are some principles that define Integrative Medicine:

  • A close partnership between the patient and physician
  • Use of both conventional and alternative medicines to treat the patient
  • An emphasis on non-invasive treatments, whenever possible
  • The commitment to ensuring that medical diagnoses and treatments are based on scientifically sound research
  • Consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease
  • An emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention through healthy living

Integrative Medicine greatly benefits the patient because it is, by definition, patient-centric. As a result, physicians who receive board certification in Integrative Medicine from the ABPS are able to demonstrate to their patients and prospective patients that they are committed to providing them with the best, most personal care possible. In order to complete the board certification process, Diplomates must be able to demonstrate their mastery of Integrative Medicine and adhere to the ABPS Medical Code of Ethics.

To learn more about the advantages to this unique medical specialty, as well as the eligibility requirements needed for board certification in Integrative Medicine, contact the ABPS today. The ABPS is the official certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.