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Not all Medicine Comes in a Bottle

Integrative Medicine BenefitsPhysicians are problem solvers. When a person visits their family physician, they expect that the healthcare professional will diagnose their symptoms and recommend a course of treatment. In most cases, this usually entails some sort of medication, surgical procedure, or other traditional treatment method. Yet, integrative medicine physicians are a little bit different. They pride themselves on trying to solve the same problems by combining their knowledge of mainstream medicine with some of the complementary and alternative techniques that have been used with great success for generations. These men and women work to find the treatments that will work best for their individual patients, and believe that the best healthcare doesn’t have to be all about drugs and surgery.

For example, integrative medicine physicians often look for environmental or lifestyle factors that could be affecting an individual’s overall health. They advise living a clean and healthy life, and work to help patients identify potential:

  • Problems in their diet
  • Ways to improve sleeping habits
  • Breathing exercises that can help them relax
  • Exercise techniques that can help them improve their overall health
  • Sources of stress that can be reduced or avoided

In many instances, patients find that they are able to overcome their anxiety, reduce pain, and feel re-energized simply by identifying unexpected sources of tension in their lives and making a change. The goal of integrative medicine isn’t to replace mainstream medicine. After all, integrative medicine relies on mainstream medicine and the traditional training that the physician received in medical school and during residency. Instead, this specialty simply combines all of the best treatment options available – without being limited to medicine and surgery – to help patients reach optimal health. After all, if stretching techniques and herbal supplements can alleviate stress, why not give them a try? If a person has a Vitamin D deficiency, and Vitamin D is known to have cancer-limiting qualities, why not make taking a multivitamin part of your daily routine?

At the American Board of Physician Specialties®, we recognize the integral role that integrative medicine physicians serve in today’s healthcare industry, and we are proud to help qualified physicians achieve board certification in integrative medicine through the American Board of Integrative Medicine. To learn more, contact us today.