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Is Your Integrative Medicine Physician Board Certified?

Integrative Medicine Board CertificationAs integrative medicine continues to grow in popularity, more and more physicians are looking for ways to demonstrate their commitment to this medical specialty to their patients and prospective patients. After all, the core tenets of integrative medicine prioritize patient-centric care and a healthy and open physician-patient relationship – something just about every person wants from their physician. Yet, if you’re seeking an integrative medicine physician, it’s important to determine the extent of their expertise, and one effective way to do this is by determining if they are board certified in their field.

At the American Board of Physician Specialties, we are strong proponents of integrative medicine, which is why we formalized a board certification process in integrative medicine for qualified physicians. We wanted integrative medicine specialists – the physicians who have mastered this emerging practice – to have the opportunity to demonstrate to their current and prospective patients, peers, and employers that they are leaders in their field.

In order to become board certified in integrative medicine through the ABPS, a physician must:

  • Complete an application
  • Demonstrate their extensive professional experience in integrative medicine
  • Have the American Board of Integrative Medicine confirm that all eligibility requirements have been satisfied
  • Pass an extensive written examination
  • Adhere to the professional medical code of ethics set by the ABPS
  • Commit to continuing medical education

Becoming board certified in integrative medicine is an exhaustive process that is designed to ensure that our Diplomates are masters of their specialty, which is why you should seek board certified physicians when you’re looking for an integrative medicine physician. To learn more, or to verify your physician’s qualifications with the ABPS, contact us today.