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Integrative Medicine Board Certification – Demonstrating the Knowledge & Experience Required to Treat the Whole Person

Integrative Medicine Board CertificationPhysicians who achieve integrative medicine board certification through the American Board of Integrative Medicine® (ABOIM), a member board of the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS), demonstrate that they possess the experience and knowledge required to provide the best possible treatment for the whole person. The technical definition, according to the ABOIM and the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, is the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals, and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.

As an emerging specialty, integrative medicine continues to evolve. Board certification through the ABOIM reflects a physician’s commitment to remain at the forefront of that evolution. It is one thing for a physician specialist to be able to provide treatment for particular medical conditions. It is another matter entirely for the whole health of the patient to be taken into account. In many ways, a patient’s mental and emotional well-being are just as important as alleviating the underlying cause of a particular illness. Similarly, patients whose nutritional habits or other lifestyle choices – diet, exercise, daily stress level, etc. – must have those factors taken into account during treatment. To that end, a physician who specializes in integrative medicine will:

  • Develop a partnership between the patient and the practitioner
  • Consider all factors that influence health, wellness, disease – including mind, body and spirit
  • Use conventional and alternative methods to facilitate the body’s innate healing response
  • Give appropriate consideration to the use of less-invasive and less-harmful interventions, when possible, while addressing the whole person in addition to the disease
  • Embrace the concept that medicine is based on good science, is inquiry-driven and open to critical consideration of new paradigms

Contact the ABPS today to learn more about integrative medicine board certification. The ABPS is the official multi-specialty board certifying body for the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc.