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Looking to Recruit a Highly Qualified Practitioner of Internal Medicine?

Internal MedicineAt the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), an important part of our mission is to educate medical recruiters on the many advantages of bringing job vacancies specifically to the attention of our Diplomates. For example, qualified physicians looking to become board certified have a number of credentialing organizations from which to choose. For many, after carefully evaluating their options the ABPS stands out as the superior choice. A major draw of the ABPS is that we are an exceptionally physician-friendly organization that actively encourages all members to take part in all matters related to governance and certification. Many of the best doctors in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico choose the ABPS in lieu of other certifying bodies as we proactively seek their input and give them a platform from which they can help mold the futures of their respective specialties.

Recruiters in search of highly qualified job candidates who possess impressive credentials in the field of internal medicine can find them with help from the ABPS. For years, we have strived to match our board certified physicians with excellent job opportunities across North America – opportunities created by those who recognize the value of hiring board-certified physicians who have proven themselves among the best at what they do. Medical recruiters wishing to advertise a job opening to our members are encouraged to contact the ABPS and arrange to have the opening listed in our online Career Center completely free of charge. Current advertisements for employment opportunities in the field of emergency medicine, for example, can be found in this specialty-specific online database in which prospective candidates can search for vacancies either nationwide or state by state. Simultaneous to being listed without charge in the ABPS online Career Center, a job announcement will be distributed via e-mail to all ABPS Diplomates who have elected to receive such information as it pertains to one or more medical specialties of their interest.

Advertising a job opening to an internal medicine specialist who is an ABPS Diplomate increases your chances of recruiting a physician who has successfully completed one of the most rigorous medical certification programs in the world. Eligibility for certification through our Board of Certification in Internal Medicine (BCIM) alone is highly selective. For example, any physician who wishes to obtain board certification through the BCIM must be an active specialist in internal medicine, act in conformity with the ABPS Code of Ethics, possess an allopathic or osteopathic medical degree from an accredited residency, and hold a valid license to practice medicine in the United States (including U.S. territories) or Canada, among other requirements. The written examination comprises 200 multiple choice questions and is administered over a four-hour session. Topics covered may include infectious diseases, cardiology, pulmonary and critical care, endocrinology, dermatology, hematology, and nephrology, among others. Complete eligibility requirements can be found here.