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Leadership Opportunities for Physician Board Certification

Leadership OpportunitiesAs the medical profession continues to change at an incredible pace from year to year, the physicians who assume leadership roles will be those who not only grasp the significance of changes as they occur, but also take an active hand in shaping the profession going forward. Physicians who demonstrate through board certification that they have mastered the core competencies within their chosen specialties also have proven that their voices matter when it comes to shaping the future of the medical profession.

The American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) provides physicians a platform for achieving board certification in 18 distinct specialties. Our Diplomates are leaders in their chosen specialties, taking on roles such as aligning their organization’s missions and operations with those of the medical staff, managing resources, overseeing operations, making purchasing decisions, and managing the financial concerns of an organization. Why would physicians wish to take on these kinds of leadership roles? Because as the landscape of healthcare shifts, it is more vital than ever that providing the best quality care remains the priority and does not suffer because of the realities of the business of medicine. Who better than physicians to protect the integrity of medical care in the 21st century? And, among physicians, who better than those who have demonstrated their skill, knowledge and commitment to quality care? In other words, perhaps more than ever, leadership has become the purview of those who have achieved physician board certification.

Whether to lead the medical profession into the 21st century is a choice every physician will inevitably face. Not everyone possesses the will or the desire to shoulder the responsibilities and risks associated with leadership. Neither is leadership limited to those in managerial roles at hospitals and clinics. Leadership is about motivating others to understand and implement a vision of how things should be. It is about understanding the nature and source of change, and taking an active hand in shaping what is to come. It is about the ability to collaborate and build consensus, and to find a way to get things done.

Not coincidentally, these qualities are found in abundance among the Diplomates of the ABPS. The ABPS and its parent organization, the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc., exist in part to help physician leaders come together and ensure a better healthcare system. To learn more, contact the ABPS today.