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What ABPS Medical Certification Tells Patients About You

Medical CertificationMedical certification from the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) is a critical step toward employment for physicians, but it also sends an important message to patients. At the most basic level, it is proof that you have demonstrated to an eminent medical certification board that you have mastered the subject matter required for your chosen specialty with supreme competence. Also, ABPS certification indicates you are part of an elite group of distinguished physicians who have met the rigorous standards for medical knowledge and ethics set forth by the ABPS, one of the top certifying bodies in the nation.

ABPS medical certification also tells your patients that you are more concerned about them than you are about the business side of medicine, because the guiding principle behind every medical certification board associated with the ABPS, is placing the care and safety of patients ahead of commercial concerns.

Although de-emphasizing the business side might sound like an unrealistically altruistic basis for medical certification, it is important to remember that building the faith and confidence of patients is absolutely vital for healthcare professionals, regardless of specialty. Affiliation with a medical certification board backed by the history and rigorous standards of the ABPS provides a foundation of trust that could, in the end, be the deciding factor as a patient chooses where to seek medical care.

In addition to being a tangible reinforcement of a physician’s credentials, medical certification from the ABPS also is an acknowledgement that a physician has met our organization’s standards for compassion in every aspect of the physician’s practice. Instilling compassion raises the level of care continuously. It is one of the fundamental values of the ABPS and your patients will notice the difference.

Contact the ABPS to learn more. The ABPS is the certifying body for the American Association of Physician Specialists providing board certification for 17 medical specialties.