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Online Physician Board Certification Verification

Online Certification VerificationThe American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) is pleased to provide electronic board certification verification with our online physician board certification verification database. ABPS has partnered with Aperture Credentialing, LLC, the largest and most experienced health care provider credentialing company in the United States, to administer this database. Healthcare organization credentialers can now look forward to the following when credentialing ABPS certified physicians:

  • Convenient online account system to quickly check certification status
  • Instant receipt of their completed Certification Verification Profiles
  • Reliable results associated with the industry’s largest provider credentialing organization

Information about ABPS Board Certified physicians provided by the database includes:

  • Verification of Board Certification
  • Physician specialties
  • Certificate number
  • Expiration date
  • Primary source verified education background (for most physicians)

How does the database work? The first time someone accesses the system, they will be asked to create a user account for his or her organization. Subsequent logins require only a user name and password. The system’s search functionality includes exact and/or partial matches using last name, first name, and UPIN (unique physician identification number). Once it has been confirmed that you have found the physician you are looking for, the Certification Verification Profile may be purchased for $40 per profile. The file may be printed or saved as a PDF.

The ABPS is proud to provide this simplified option for online physician board certification verification. In addition, ABPS Diplomates may receive a copy of their Certification Verification profile upon request. Contact the certification department at 813-433-2277, or send an email to and mention Diplomate Request for Profile.