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Physician Board Certification: The Next Step for Fellows of Approved Integrative Medicine Programs

Physician Board Certification: The Next Step for Fellows of Approved Integrative Medicine ProgramsIf you are a physician who has completed an ABOIM-approved fellowship in integrative medicine, the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) invites you to apply for board certification in the specialty. We are the only multi-specialty certifying board in the United States to offer integrative medicine certification.

Board certification through our Member Board, the American Board of Integrative Medicine® (ABOIM), allows you to present yourself to the public as a qualified integrative medicine specialist.

Increasingly, hospitals and healthcare organizations are focused on hiring board-certified integrative medicine physicians, and for good reasons. Backed by years of training, board-certified physicians have demonstrated through performance and testing that they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide compassionate integrative medical care. Given that board certification helps to allay any doubts patients may have about the quality of care they receive, it’s easy to understand how certified physicians can enhance an organization’s reputation.

To acquire certification through the ABOIM, physicians must meet eligibility requirements and successfully complete a rigorous computer-based exam. Once certified, they will have positioned themselves as thoughtful leaders in integrative medicine. As Diplomates of the ABPS, a nationally recognized choice for board certification, they will also:

  • Join a distinguished community of physicians whose priority is the advancement of patient care and integrative medicine
  • Enjoy more opportunities for career advancement and increased mobility on the job market
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Integrative Medicine and provide potential patients, colleagues and others evidence of your mastery of the core competencies

If you are a graduate fellow of an approved training program by the American Board of Integrative Medicine, we encourage you to apply for certification with the ABOIM. For a complete list of ABOIM approved fellowships, and for detailed information about the ABOIM’s eligibility requirements, contact the ABPS today.