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Physician Groups Are Encouraged to Require Board Certification in Emergency Medicine for All ER Physicians

Emergency MedicineAt the American Board of Physician Specialties® we encourage physician groups to require board certification in emergency medicine for all ER physicians. However, we are also mindful that many of the emergency departments in North American hospitals are staffed by physicians who completed their ACGME or AOA residencies in a primary care discipline other than emergency medicine. To accommodate these highly trained and experienced professionals, we offer a choice in board certification through our own Board of Certification in Emergency Medicine (BCEM).

Increasingly, healthcare providers are prioritizing hiring and advancing physicians who have earned board certification in their specialty. This stands to reason because as physicians have continued to narrow the focus of their expertise, board certification has been used as a reliable barometer for identifying the cream of the crop – the physicians who have made the commitment to mastering their craft. The problem that some hospitals have is that they remain woefully under-staffed in terms of EM-trained physicians and instead rely on physicians who completed their residencies in other primary care specialties to fill the gap. This has led to a situation where many men and women have made their careers in the emergency room, but have not previously been eligible for board certification in their specialty because they never completed an EM residency.

At the ABPS, we want to work with this group of physicians and help them receive the accreditation that they deserve. In order to be eligible to pursue board certification through the BCEM, candidates must:

  • Have successfully completed an accredited residency in a primary care specialty
  • Have accumulated at least 7,000 hours of work in an emergency department in a five year period
  • Meet all of the other eligibility requirements outlined here

The American Board of Physician Specialties is the third largest nationally recognized physician multi-specialty certifying body, and we are motivated to help increase the number of EM board certified physicians across North America. This will improve our healthcare sector, make it easier for physician groups to identify and hire the right candidates, and will – above all else – benefit patients.

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