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The Changing Role of Physician Leaders

ABAM Physician LeadershipThe need for physician leaders has never been greater. As the healthcare industry continues to undergo significant changes, there is a clear opportunity for physicians with extensive administrative experience to rise up and assume leadership positions that are too often filled by executives who do not possess medical training. At the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS), we developed the American Board of Administrative Medicine℠ (ABAM) to help advance the career opportunities of physicians who possess both medical and business training.

In today’s healthcare industry, a physician leader needs to have both medical savvy and business acumen to succeed. Doctors have historically been looked at as leaders within their community, but as the healthcare industry has centralized, formal business training has become essential to be an effective hospital CEO or other leader. Today, hospital leaders need to worry not only about delivering the best possible care to their patients, but also:

  • Redesigning approaches to patient care
  • Monitoring and improving safety protocols
  • Managing medical personnel
  • Overseeing budgeting
  • Allocating human resources
  • Driving innovation
  • Implementing medical records programs
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations
  • And much more

Physician leaders have long been relied upon as a conduit between business professionals and medical staff, but physicians are increasingly needed to assume the executive positions themselves, bringing their unique insight into the implementation of healthcare into the boardroom. And one of the best ways for a physician leader to demonstrate his or her unique experience in business management is by becoming board certified through the ABAM.

Our Diplomates have successfully demonstrated a mastery of the business-side of medicine and are part of a community of professionals who represent many of the leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about becoming board certified through the ABAM, contact us today. The American Board of Administrative Medicine was developed by the ABPS – one of the three largest national multi-specialty physician certifying organizations in North America.