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Radiology Board Certification and Recertification Through the ABPS

Radiology Board CertificationRadiology board certification through the American Board of Physician Specialties enables practitioners of Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Radiology to demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and experience required to provide competent, effective treatment and diagnostic services for their patients. The Board of Certification in Radiology (BCR) administers medical certifications for both specialties. Industry politics play no role in determining who becomes board certified through the BCR. The only thing that matters is that eligible practicing physicians demonstrate a mastery and knowledge of the core competencies required to provide care and diagnostic service.

As with all ABPS specialties, Diplomates who seek recertification in Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Radiology must complete a non-remedial medical ethics course. This is one of many distinguishing requirements for the ABPS, which is the official certifying body for the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc. In addition, the written and oral exams are developed and validated under rigorous standards by BCR Diplomates who are practicing physicians. What that means is that once a physician has achieved radiology board certification through the ABPS, he or she has the opportunity to become involved in a variety of opportunities for involvement and organizational leadership, including exam development, exam administering, and promotion of the specialty.

The format of the written exams for both Radiation Oncology and Diagnostic Radiology is multiple-choice, single-response questions. If a candidate is successful in passing the written portion of the Radiation Oncology board certification exam, the candidate will advance to the oral exam at the next testing administration.

The oral exam for Radiation Oncology consists of two clinical and one physics case presentation, in which the candidate describes his or her approach to managing a case presented by an examiner. The oral exam for Diagnostic Radiology consists of three to five case presentations. Trained examiners who have achieved radiology board certification conduct the oral exams.

For information about the eligibility requirements for BCR testing in Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Oncology, contact the ABPS today.