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Resident Physicians Have a Choice for Board Certification

Resident Physicians Have a Choice for Board CertificationAt a certain point in their residency training, physicians who want to distinguish themselves and bolster their careers invariably consider becoming board-certified. But which certifying organization should they choose? Among the nation’s resident physicians, this a perennial question. How they answer depends on factors such as the organization’s eligibility requirements, the type of specialty certifications offered, and how well the organization’s values align with their own. In some cases, unfortunately, physicians base their choices on limited information, embarking on the demanding certification process with an organization that may be ill-suited for their career goals or personal values.

The American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) wants residents to understand that they have a choice in board certification. Currently, there are three prominent multi-specialty certifying bodies in the United States, and the ABPS is one of them. Since certifying our first physician in 1960, we have become a nationally recognized choice for certification, offering a path toward board certification and recertification in 18 different specialties. Our Diplomates include specialists in traditional fields like dermatology and family medicine as well as emerging specialties like disaster medicine and integrative medicine. What’s more, ABPS Diplomates practice at some of the finest healthcare institutions in the country, and are in all 50 states, the District of Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Choosing the ABPS for board certification means you will be part of a community of highly trained and experienced physician specialists committed to delivering world-class medical care. Our certification process is notably rigorous, but once you have earned certification, you can expect expanded career opportunities, thanks to our robust record of work with credentialing authorities, hospital leaders, and legislators. Furthermore, as an ABPS Diplomate, you will receive ongoing education that will foster improved patient care and help to advance your medical specialty.

ABPS Diplomate Manny Konstantakos, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Rockford, IL, chose the ABPS, he says, “not just because it was the most well-known, or the longest-standing, but because of what it actually tested us on.”

He also liked that the ABPS is the only multi-specialty certifying body that requires its candidates to complete a medical ethics course to achieve recertification. “This medical ethics requirement was a key factor in my selection of the ABPS for my initial board certification,” he says.

Contact us today to learn about our mission and our eligibility requirements, and for more information about why qualified resident physicians who value compassionate and effective health care routinely choose the ABPS for board certification.