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Board Certification for Rural Physicians Through the ABPS

Rural Physician Board CertificationThe American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS), the official certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc., is committed to expanding opportunities for rural physicians to obtain board certification. To our organization, this means helping physicians who practice in rural areas demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and experience required for their chosen specialties. This, in turn, helps ensure that patients reap the benefits of enhanced public health standards in an effort to furthering patient care.

Many doctors who live and work in rural areas practice as family physicians, a segment of the outpatient physician workforce that, by necessity, generally is adept at a broad range of skills. Unfortunately, studies show that rural areas are grossly underserved medically. One reason for that is many physicians find that their career paths are more lucrative if they work in urban areas, or stay in the cities where their residencies took place. But where does that leave patients who live in rural areas, each and every one of whom deserves to be treated by an experienced, board certified physician?

One way to address this issue is a heightened emphasis on rural physician board certification. To that end, the ABPS created the Rural Physician Workforce Initiative, which enables qualified rural physicians to become board certified in their chosen specialties at a professional courtesy rate of 50 percent off for a limited time. To determine whether you are eligible for the professional courtesy rate, complete and submit the form found here. Qualifying physicians must submit a completed ABPS board certification application in the specialty they practice by September 30, 2013. Although all of the ABPS Member Boards are included in the Rural Physician Workforce Initiative, we’ve found that many rural physicians are particularly interested in Emergency Medicine,  Family Medicine Obstetrics, Hospital Medicine, Disaster Medicine, and Urgent Care. Contact the ABPS to learn more.