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An Urgent Message: Owners of Urgent Care Centers Who Want to Differentiate their Practice Should Require their Medical Directors be Board Certified

Urgent Care Medicine CertificationIf you own an urgent care center and are looking for a practical way to differentiate your clinic from the competition, encouraging your medical director to become board certified in urgent care medicine is an effective solution. At the American Board of Physician Specialties, we recognize the increasingly significant role that urgent care centers play in American healthcare, and we are pleased to offer board certification to qualified physicians through our Board of Certification in Urgent Care Medicine (BCUCM).

The BCUCM is a nationally recognized board of certification that is designed for physicians who completed accredited residency training in a primary care or emergency field and have extensive, certifiable experience in urgent care. One of the central components of the application process is the successful completion of the BCUCM entrance exam, which meets strict psychometric standards. This exam specifically focuses on:

  • Evaluating and treating patients in an urgent care setting
  • Making accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions in urgent care situations
  • Performing common procedures
  • Interpreting diagnostics, including lab work, radiographs, and electrocardiograms
  • Recognizing life-threatening conditions that warrant immediate attention

The certification process is rigorous, but upon successful completion, board-certified physicians are able to clearly demonstrate their mastery of urgent care medicine to their patients, prospective patients, and potential investors, benefiting your practice significantly.

There are currently more urgent care centers in America than there are emergency rooms. And, more physicians practice urgent care medicine than emergency medicine. By encouraging your medical director to pursue board certification in urgent care, you can enjoy a competitive advantage over other urgent care physicians and send a message to your patients that you have the highest quality staff ready to serve them.

For more information about the BCUCM as well as the many benefits to board certification, contact the American Board of Physician Specialties today.