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The Numerous Benefits to Becoming Board Certified in Urgent Care

Urgent Care Certification Benefits | BCUCMIf you are a physician who works in urgent care, or you are considering a future in this rapidly growing segment of healthcare, consider the many benefits to becoming board certified in Urgent Care Medicine through the Board of Certification in Urgent Care Medicine (BCUCM). At the American Board of Physician Specialties®, we developed the BCUCM to standardize the core concepts and competencies that define expertise in Urgent Care Medicine, ensuring that our Diplomates represent some of the most highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field.

In the increasingly competitive urgent care marketplace, providers are continually looking for opportunities to distinguish themselves from the competition. By pursuing Board Certification in Urgent Care, you can demonstrate to your patients that you have a mastery of knowledge in urgent care medicine and are well equipped to provide them with the high quality care that they require. For generations, Board Certification has been a trusted indicator of a physician’s qualifications, and the public knows that when researching providers they should prioritize Board Certified physicians above less-qualified options. This is particularly important in urgent care where many communities have several different walk-in clinics, so the potential marketing benefits associated with having a physician on staff who is Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine are significant.

Whether you are starting an urgent care center as your own business or you are interested in pursuing career opportunities in this extremely popular specialty, being Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine is highly advantageous.

To ensure that our Diplomates in Urgent Care Medicine are highly qualified, they must first meet stringent standards that will give their patients confidence that they’re in good hands. Full eligibility requirements can be found here. To learn more about the BCUCM and the many benefits to becoming Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine through our Member Board, contact us today.