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Why ABPS?The American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS) was founded in 1952 in direct response to the scarcity of options in physician certification boards. This is how it happened: A group of osteopathic surgeons who had completed allopathic residencies applied for board certification through the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), but they were denied because they had not completed osteopathic residencies. The surgeons then turned to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), but once again, they were rejected. This time, it wasn’t because they lacked osteopathic residency completion, but because they were, in fact, osteopathic doctors. So, the group decided to create a physician board certification entity that did not discriminate based on training but actually tested physicians’ knowledge of their chosen specialty. Today, that organization is known as the American Board of Physician Specialties® (ABPS).

The ABPS recognizes licensed physicians who have shown, through testing and performance, mastery of their medical fields. We are committed to offering the highest standard of physician board certification that meets the health care needs of the public while helping physicians to achieve success in the evolving medical industry. As the multi-specialty board certifying body of the American Association of Physician Specialists, Inc. (AAPS), we are one of three most prominent nationally recognized multi-specialty certifying entities in North America.

Since certifying our first physician in 1960, the ABPS has certified numerous extensively qualified and highly skilled physicians in traditional medical specialties such as dermatology, family medicine, and internal medicine. Notably, we are the only multi-specialty board that offers certification in family medicine obstetrics, as well as in emerging specialties such as disaster medicine and integrative medicine. Altogether, the ABPS offers physician board certification in numerous specialties.

Inspired by our non-discriminatory approach to board certification, the ABPS works to provide practicing physicians in a range of medical fields with an opportunity to demonstrate their base of knowledge, professional skill, and commitment to continuous education and training. Physicians who have achieved ABPS board certification have met our strict eligibility requirements and have undergone psychometrically validated exams developed under the most rigorous industry standards. As expected, only the most talented physicians with the deepest level of dedication become ABPS-board certified.

By hiring ABPS-board certified physicians, health care leaders send a positive message to patients, who often make decisions about their care and healing based on the credentials of a hospital’s or clinic’s physicians. When treated by Diplomates of the ABPS, patients can be confident that they will receive the best health care possible. ABPS Diplomates also provide fellow staffers firm assurance that they are working alongside medical professionals with exceptional abilities who strive to remain updated about new and effective techniques and treatment methods. Supported by a solid foundation of experience and training, and buoyed by the respect of their peers and the fellowship of practitioners, ABPS Diplomates are well-positioned to shape the course of the medical profession for years to come.

For more information about the ABPS, or to learn more about the benefits of certification through one of our Member Boards, contact us today. At the ABPS, we put patients first, not the business or politics of medicine.