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Public Inquiries

The American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) is pleased to provide online certification confirmation, at no cost, to the public, allowing individuals to ensure board certification of ABPS physicians.

Are you a credentialing specialist or seeking official verification? Click HERE to be directed to the ABPS Online Verification Database.

How do I use this system? What information will be listed?
You will be required to provide the first and last name of the physician and provided with a listing of all matches.  Click on the physician’s name to view education information and a listing of all current ABPS board certifications.

My doctor is not listed.  Why?
Only physicians with unexpired, active ABPS certifications, are listed in the public confirmation database.  This information is updated on a monthly basis. A physician may not be listed for one of the following reasons:

    •  The physician is board certified by another certification agency
    •  The physician’s ABPS board certification has expired
    •  The physician had a certification status change within the last 30 days
    •  The physician is not an active member of AAPS/ABPS

Can this information be used for credentialing, mailing or contact lists, or other professional purposes?

NO – the public confirmation database is intended for personal use only and cannot be used for official verification or credentialing purposes. Medical professionals and organizations including managed care organizations, hospitals and health care agencies seeking official written verification of a physician’s certification should use the ABPS Online Verification Database



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